Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) Announces Pizza Fusion to Make Their Pittsburgh Debut

International Corporation (OTC Pink: GMPR) today announced their Wholly Owned Subsidiary Pizza Fusion “Saving the Earth One Pizza at a Time” will makes its Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza debut in Community Markets grocery stores in the Pittsburgh area. Over the past few weeks Pizza Fusion’s sales team has met with and done product demonstrations for many Pittsburgh-based grocery stores and distributors. GMPR is very happy to announce that every grocery store & distributor that the sales team has demoed for has excitingly agreed to carry all 3 Pizza Fusion Pizzas and many of their other wholly owned subsidiaries, Jose Madrid Salsas. The Community Market grocery stores will be the first locations to carry the pizzas with an anticipated shelf date for mid-July.

James Vowler President & CEO of Gourmet Provisions International Corp. stated, “Our sales team had many meetings in late June in anticipation of the first delivery of our Gourmet Pizza Fusion Frozen Pizzas to our cold storage in Pittsburgh. We knew that our three gluten-free pizzas were of a superior quality and taste to any of the other frozen pizzas in the marketplace. But receiving resounding yeses from every store & distributor we met with took us slightly by surprise. Over this past year Covid has changed the way many families enjoy their meals, with restaurant & delivery options constantly changing, many people found themselves reevaluating their food options. The basic issue is everyone wants to eat delicious healthy food, but not everyone is a great chef or knows how to cook good-tasting and healthy meals. Our Pizza Fusion Gluten-Free pizzas (featuring a gluten-free Vegan pizza on a Beets Crust) bring that wonderful chef quality healthy pizza to the frozen section of your local grocery store.”

Here is a full description of our three signature Pizza Fusion Pizzas available at a grocery store near you:

The “Four Cheese” Pizza starts with our custom rich tomato sauce made from premium quality tomatoes & extra virgin olive oil, topped with real Mozzarella, Romano, savory Asiago and our hearty Parmesan cheeses all of this baked on top of OGGI Foods award winning, custom, gluten-free Spinach Crust;

The “Founders Pie” Pizza is topped with our custom-made pizza sauce, extra virgin olive oil, Oregano, Basil, real Mozzarella, Romano, Asiago & Parmesan cheeses, imported cherry tomatoes from Italy, diced red onions, fresh spinach on top of OGGI Foods custom gluten-free Broccoli Crust;

“The Vegan” Pizza is what is for dinner if your family is looking for a restaurant quality, healthy, gluten-free vegan pizza, our new “The Vegan” pizza checks all of the boxes! This scrumptious pizza comes with our fresh tomato sauce, imported from Italy Grilled & Fire Roasted Zucchini, Eggplant, Red & Yellow Peppers, diced White Onions & Tomatoes, Beyond Meat Plant based Beef & Sausage Crumbles, topped with our signature Vegan Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheeses, all of this deliciousness on top of OGGI Foods custom gluten-free hand stretched Beets Crust.

About Gourmet Provisions International Corporation:

Gourmet Provisions International Corp. began with several pizza shops and has expanded and diversified through targeted acquisitions and partnerships to include other diversified food lines. In October of 2017, they brought on Jack Brewer, Brewer Media & Entertainment Group, as GMPR’s Brand Ambassador. Brewer Media Group was brought on to help build all aspects of the many Gourmet brands, with a primary focus on increasing GMPR’s online and retail sales while enhancing their social media presence and overall content, creating public persona and awareness, pursuing acquisition opportunities and much more. The company currently has four wholly owned subsidiaries: Jose Madrid Salsa, Pizza Fusion, Unique Tap House, PopsyCakes and has a licensing agreement with Christopher Street Products.

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Twitter: @GourmetProvInt

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