NEW! PopsyBites


These Indulgent Bite Sized Delights are perfect for a gourmet treat, birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers, fundraisers, retail outlets, weddings etc. Make any occasion much more fun & delicious with a moist cupcake, dipped in chocolate with crushed pretzel on top! Order your box of PopsyBites today!

Case of 36 PopsyBites

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Introducing our NEW PopsyBites, a smaller (but just as scrumptious) version of our original PopsyCakes.

Case of PopsyBites comes with 3 of our classic flavors: 12 Dark Chocolate Decadence PopsyBites; 12 Strawberry Milkshake PopsyBites; 12 Vanilla Bean Dream PopsyBites.

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